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Mar 1, 2002

Launching a Comfort Revolution…

Launching a Comfort Revolution… American Airlines Center introduces
new seating technology that's Out of This World

March 1, 2002 (Lexington, Ky)  TEMPUR® pressure-relieving materialTM, made famous by the Tempur-Pedic Swedish Sleep System®, has been used to make the American Airlines Center's suite seats the most comfortable and supportive ever to be used in a facility of it's type.  As you sit, billions of viscoelastic memory cells sense your body temperature and weight then conform to every curve and angle of your hips and legs.  The material actually absorbs and distributes your weight evenly over the entire seating surface.  Painful pressure points are virtually eliminated and you're not left shifting position endlessly in search of a more comfortable sitting position during your favorite event.

This unique material was originally developed in the early 1970's at NASA's Ames Research Center in an effort to relieve astronauts of the incredible g-forces experienced during lift-off.  The result was an open-celled, breathable material that was temperature-sensitive, viscoelastic, and able to distribute pressure or body weight over the entire surface area.

Tempur-Pedic® launched products in North America in 1992, and has experienced an overwhelming response.  Tempur-Pedic products have been featured on Dateline NBC, CNN's Business Unusual, CNBC's Power Lunch, the Discovery Channel and NBC's Today Show.

At long last, the technology revolution that changed how we work, travel and communicate is beginning to change how we sit, rest and sleep -- courtesy of the high-tech material that once was intended for use only in outer space. Commercial applications for TEMPUR® material can be found in stadium and theatre seating, office chairs, home furnishing, footwear, automotive seating, and a growing number of additional applications.

Founded in 1992 by Robert B. Trussell, Jr., Tempur-Pedic, Inc. is the exclusive authorized distributor of TEMPUR® and Tempur-Pedic® products in North America.  Tempur-Pedic® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tempur World and both are headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky.  Visit the American Airlines Center Fan Shops to purchase the world famous Tempur-Pedic® Swedish Neck Pillow, Comfort Seat Cushion, Travel Pillow, and Transit Pillow.  For product information, a free sample of the TEMPUR® material and a free product video, call toll-free 1-888-892-2157.